Medicine Cabinets & Mirrors

Our 30″ medicine cabinet may be installed flush on the wall or recessed into the wall. The recessed portion is 3 3⁄4″ in depth and astandard 2×4 wall with 1⁄2″ gypsum board is required. If you plan on installing it recessed, the wall opening is 25 3⁄4″ x 35 1⁄4″. Please let your sales representative know which way you plan on installing the cabinet so that we can cut back the crown moulding for a perfect fit. There is no additional cost for cutting back the crown moulding.

48″ & 60″ MEDICINE CABINETS 48chestnutMC

• LED Light option for secondary light source
• Available in all vanity colours
• Finished interior
• Adjustable glass shelves
• Solid wood crown moulding


24″, 30″, 40″, & 60″ MIRRORS

• Beautiful bevelled glass edge
• All sizes available in all vanity      colours
• Solid wood crown molding
• Removable crown molding

As of November 2017 We have lowered the price on our mirrors and we have removed the crown molding.
During this transition period, your mirror may come with or without crown molding at new lower prices.




• Finished interior with adjustable shelves                                              • Available in all vanity colours
• Extra added storage for smaller bathrooms                                         • Solid wood crown molding
• Soft-closing mechanism on doors