Medicine Cabinets & Mirrors

Our 30″ medicine cabinet may be installed flush on the wall or recessed into the wall. The recessed portion is 3 3⁄4″ in depth and astandard 2×4 wall with 1⁄2″ gypsum board is required. If you plan on installing it recessed, the wall opening is 25 3⁄4″ x 35 1⁄4″. Please let your sales representative know which way you plan on installing the cabinet so that we can cut back the crown moulding for a perfect fit. There is no additional cost for cutting back the crown moulding.

48″ & 60″ MEDICINE CABINETS 48chestnutMC

• LED Light option for secondary light source
• Available in all vanity colours
• Finished interior
• Adjustable glass shelves
• Solid wood crown moulding


24″, 30″, 40″, & 60″ MIRRORS

• Beautiful bevelled glass edge
• All sizes available in all vanity      colours
• Solid wood crown molding
• Removable crown molding





• Finished interior with adjustable shelves                                              • Available in all vanity colours
• Extra added storage for smaller bathrooms                                         • Solid wood crown molding
• Soft-closing mechanism on doors