Linen Towers

Linen towers have a matching finished interior and are available with an open upper shelf or an upper door, your choice and it’s the same price!

Linen towers can be installed 3 unique ways. Free standing, tight against a wall or for a perfect finish you can also integrate the linen tower(s) with your vanity. No matter what your preference our linen tower will completethe look of your bathroom.

Install the linen tower free-standing as it is finished on all three sides or against a wall by cutting back the crown molding and using a filler strip.

To create a perfect fit between the linen tower and vanity cabinet we must cut 3⁄8″ off the standard length top and repolish. The linen tower decorative kick is designed to integrate seamlessly with the vanity decorative kick. A 3⁄4″ filler closes the gap. The side splash is also cut down for a custom look.

When purchasing a linen tower, please consult a sales associate and fill out the linen tower layout sheet. We will prepare the linen tower according to your needs, making the installation as easy as possible.

When integrating a linen tower and vanity we recommend the installation be performed by professional trades or competent home owner with good knowledge of hand tools.

For cabinet configuration options please download our Linen Tower Layout sheet.