Stonewood Bath Cabinetry

Product Care

How to Care for your Wood Vanity:

Regular Dusting – Use a lint free cloth for regular dusting. Do not use pre-moistened dusting sheets (They may damage the finish)

Cleaning – For everyday cleaning use a damp cloth and dry immediately. To remove general soil or grease, we recommend Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula. It’s a great cleaner for all your wood surfaces.

Waxing & Polishing – Waxing is not recommended. If polishing is desired, then a small amount of lemon oil applied to a clean, dry cloth may be applied to the finish.

Relative Humidity Levels in Your Home

As the seasons change the humidity levels in your home will fluctuate which in turn may cause shrinking, cracking, warping or expansion of the solid wood doors, drawers and frames of your new vanity.  Maintaining your home’s relative humidity between 40% and 45% will prevent this from happening.

Porcelain Sinks

Read the instruction on your chosen cleaner. Avoid using any cleaners that have a warning not to use on natural stone surfaces as your may unwillingly spill cleaner on your new granite top.

Granite Tops

Your new granite top has received one application of Silicone Impregnator. This should repel liquids and prevent liquids from penetrating your stone top for years to come and possibly a lifetime. Some stones may never need to be sealed again; some stones may need a second coat immediately. Every piece of natural granite has its own unique characteristics, including density. The more dense the stone, the less chance it will absorb liquids. All liquids should be cleaned up immediately. If you notice the stone getting darker after it’s been washed or if the stone gets darker after water is left standing on the surface, it’s time for another coat of sealer. We recommend HG products.

For everyday cleaning we recommend mild soap and water. There are also plenty of special stone cleaners available in the cleaner and detergent area of most grocery, hardware and big box stores. HG also has cleaners and other solution for tougher cleaning jobs and stain removals.

Proper care and maintenance of your new vanity and granite top will protect your investment for a lifetime.

For your convenience, we include with you vanity a colour matched touch up marker. Possibly during installation or just through everyday use, a nick or a scratch may occur. To apply, simply rub the felt end of the marker over the scratch or nick and remove any excess stain immediately with a tissue or your finger. Repeat if required until you have reached the desired colour then quickly remove the excess stain with every application as the stain dries very quickly.